The Hair Loss Clinic for Women gives back to women what nature can’t.

Current technology has brought hair replacement a long way. But we don’t really like the term “replacement”. We think you should enhance the hair you have.

Previously, methods were extremely temporary, and often looked unnatural. Today’s techniques can change all that. Your hair can be transformed into a full, luxurious new look in a matter of hours… and it can be done discreetly and gradually. Afterwards, you won’t hear “What have you done with your hair?” but instead, “You look terrific!”.

Marsha Scott hair clinic specializes in non-surgical hair replacement. Available to you are several different choices of different techniques that will supplement your own hair with radiant, healthy, gorgeous hair. And it’s real hair too. Only top quality human hair from China, India and Europe should be used, dyed and textured to match your own.

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MScott Method

The MScott Method uses medical adhesives to attach a skin-like material to the scalp in a parted area. The custom hair is then injected into it. There are no threads, clips or pulling. When the hair system is in place the client can wash, wear and blow dry her hair for four to six weeks. Her hair looks full and natural.

Wigs or Prostheses

There are a number of natural-looking hair replacements that will stay in place, are easy to care for, comfortable to wear, and reasonably priced.

Hair prostheses (wigs) create a more natural look. They can be made from synthetic hair, human hair, or a combination of the two. Any hair prosthesis should be fitted and shaped to suit each individual.

Our cancer patients and alopecia patients each receive different types of hair replacement.  The cancer patient will be fitted for a medical cranial prosthesis/wig designed specifically for their situation.  Most importantly the cancer patient needs a low maintenance hair system. For the alopecia patient who has lost all her hair, we would design a vacuum system made from a cast of the patients head. At Marsha Scott’s we provide our clients with medical coded letters to be submitted to their insurance.

Combinations of hats, head wraps, or scarves are also available.


Hair extensions are huge right now. In fact bigger than ever! It seems all the hottest hair trends right now require one thing – LENGTH, and lots of it.

Often, even if you have long hair, most of the time it isn’t thick enough to style the way you want it. At Marsha Scott’s all extension types are offered. We order your hair just for you. If you need them in a pinch, we can usually express them and have them the next day.

The extensions we use come from companies we trust. Most importantly, we know where this hair is from!! We aren’t just going to go get hair at the local beauty supply store and attach it your hair.  Skill and knowledge are very important to our clients that request extensions.

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