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The Hair Loss Clinic for Women works to help a client find a safe, non-surgical, medically approved, hair replacement system, designed specifically to their needs and style, and within an atmosphere of complete privacy.
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MScott Method

A semi-permanent technique using a medical adhesive to securely hold a hair system.

Wigs & Prostheses

Cover areas with an addition of high quality human hair

Custom Hair Systems


We create and custom fit non-surgical hair systems.


AHLC Lifetime Achievement Award

Marsha Scott was recognized in August 2022 for her 30-year career dedicated to developing solutions for women experiencing hair loss. Her longevity and dedication to the industry recently earned Scott the American Hair Loss Council’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a young woman, it wasn’t Patty Andrews’ blue eyes or wide smile that people focused on. Instead, Andrews said, eyes were invariably locked on the top of her head and her noticeably thinning hair.


"It has been seven years now. I see Marsha every six weeks or so and my old baseball caps stay in the closet! Oddly, when I first re-emerged into a life without hats, people told me I looked great. But they did not see what really changed. “You look so young”, or they would say “I love your new hair cut”! I cried the very first time I saw Marsha…she gave me back my confidence, and those hats and caps remain in my closet."


“I came to Marsha a very unhappy person because of the loss of my hair.  She changed all of that.  Not only did she give me a full head of hair back but also the self esteem and confidence I had also lost .”


“My life has changed in ways too numerous to count. I am a much happier, secure and assertive individual and I credit Marsha as being the catalyst for the wonderful change.”.


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