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Enhance Your Hair

Current technology has brought hair replacement a long way. But we don’t really like the term “replacement”. We think you should enhance the hair you have. Previously, methods were extremely temporary, and often looked unnatural. Today’s techniques can change all that.

Your hair can be transformed into a full, luxurious new look in a matter of hours…

…and it can be done discreetly and gradually. Afterwards, you won’t hear “What have you done with your hair?” but instead, “You look terrific!”. Marsha Scott hair clinic specializes in non-surgical hair replacement. Available to you are several different choices of different techniques that will supplement your own hair with radiant, healthy, gorgeous hair. And it’s real hair too. Only top quality human hair from China, India and Europe should be used, dyed and textured to match your own.

Services We Offer

MS Method
A semi-permanent technique using a medical adhesive to securely hold a hair system

Wigs or Prosthesis
Cover areas with an addition of high quality human hair

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Our Method

The MScott Method is a semi-permanent technique that is appropriate for women with hair loss problems that uses a medical adhesive to hold a hair system securely on a clients head.

One of the advantages of this technique is that it is a very secure attachment method for a hair system. It is semi-permanent which means that the hair system will stay on the client until it needs to be serviced in four to eight weeks. The client can live with the hair and go about her daily activities as if the added hair were her own

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